Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Twin Falls, Idaho, USA

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  1. I am the coordinator in Twin Falls, ID, USA. We are active in re-activating our city each month. I hold a guided meditation on the 3rd Saturday to re-connect with our PCOL and crystals. Members seem to like me to guide the meditation and newcomers fit in more easily and become interested. Some members meditate with us from home and I am considering putting it on conference call as that has been requested.I appointed 4 Keepers of the Crystals for the 4 directions when we activated our city. These 4 have made a promise to keep these crystals activated and visited. It appears that this is happening regularly. Also many of the others are visiting or meditating with their crystals in between times. So we always have at least 4 people plus myself and Rex, who keeps up the activations. Some people are only interested in the PCOL project and others are involved with more of the GOF information. We have numerous crystals planted around the city as we had about 15 or more people who participated originally and several others have joined and added their crystals.
    I also hold Sunday meetings at 10:15 am MST in which we chant the Sacred Names and the Ascension codes in 5 Sacred Languages. We use many of the Hebrew phrases as taught by the Arcturians and call in the Violet Flame as directed by the Ascended Masters. I often teach some of the Spiritual Technology as given by the Arcturians and do a meditation. People are invited to do the meditation but do not have to stay to chant. If possible we meet for the BioRelativity sessions with David. Sunday meetings and some talks are on conference call and also recorded; I have people fomr surrounding towns, Seattle WA area and one form Nicaragua that listens to the recordings or conference call. Others from GOF are invited; you would need to email me to receive the chants. Not everyone is interested in the chanting but I sincerely believe this group will grow.

    I am planning on asking the group if they would like to meet on the 2nd Sat of the month as well to do a meditation just for Twin Falls and corridor building as well as connecting with our Sister Cities. I will inquire as to whether our Sister Cities would like to participate at the same time. At present, we do not do connections with them as the meditation on the 3rd Sat seems already full of things to accomplish.

    I also hold meetings for the Solstices, Equinoxes, Eclipses, etc. in which we usually use more Shamanic-oriented exercises and celebrations to bring in that leg of the Triangle. We are holding a meditation and talk get-together on Mon Jan 23rd for the beginning of the 12th wave of Ascension. I will be talking on what a 5th-dimensional Society is like and then guiding a meditation for co-creating a new dimensional society on Earth. I am finding that some people are more interested in one aspect or another and will come to different events - eventually some seem to soften and will accept more info from the other 3 sides of the triangle. More are open to things about the indigenous people and their teachings and some are open to Ascended Masters and Angelic Realm information. Less are open to Galactic influence from other Star Nations but the meetings of all sorts allow me to introduce different ideas in a setting which is acceptable to many.
    I hope this is helpful.

    Lori Gumper