Friday, September 2, 2011

Nelson Bay City of Light, Australia

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  1. On June 2011 I was up at The Blue Mountains where I have been going ever since I was guided there June 2010,I just knew I had to take my very beautiful sacred clear quartz crystal programmed at a Wesak ceremony through channels of the masters from Divine University and it’s friends up there,I organised a group to do 11/11/11 meditation there,I am flying blind as I have no memory of my mission or it’s purpose but since 2006 I have become used to listening to the guidance and responding,later on it gets verified as it is now,I went to Blackheath instead of Leura this 2012 winter solstice because of a dream,then Rebecca joins my site and tells me that that is where you guys anchored the etheric Arcturian crystal! xxx